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Is Change Worth It?

“Is change worth it?”

A question I recently got from a client.

My client, an executive based in Singapore that runs a multi-million dollar startup, and I were discussing certain cultural changes that needed to be done. The cultural changes would have multiple implications for the company.

Changes that would for sure cost him “something”.

Whether it was time, effort, or cash (investing in new systems).

The thing is that change will always cost you the certainty of how things are as they are, but change (hopefully) will bring you the opportunities that are not yet capitalized on.

One of the main fears my client had was the impact on the people and the potential friction it would cause. Because let’s be honest, everyone wants change….only a few want TO change.

But when our discussion shifted to the potential impact of this new direction on the company in terms of cash and growth, suddenly it became clear why the change was not a “nice to have” but a “need to have” and the company just needed to adjust.

Sometimes we just need to see the cost of where we are to understand the gain of where we want to go.

Change is always painful and will cost something. It feels good to be in the comfort zone, but the reality is that nothing happens there and maybe more important, you’re losing on what happens outside.

Be at ease in the uncomfortable zone and your company will grow into its’ full potential.

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